Tuesday, 25 October 2011

How to edit photo using Adobe Lightroom

First of all, adobe lightroom must be install in computer. Open your lightroom, then click 'import' to import photo from folder..
Click 'import'
then select the folder you one.
Select the folder you want to use
Select the picture that you want to edit
then click 'import' at the left side
click 'import'
your picture will appear at screen, then double click to large the picture size..for example, I choose overexposure picture..
The photo with overexposure
 Click 'Auto Tone'
Photo become normal exposure, but still bright
 Adjust the tone at the 'Tone Control' such as decrease exposure, decrease brightness, increase contrast, increase vibrance.
Tone and color level column
 So, your photo become like this
after first tone level
 If you feel photo still bright or not contrast, so decrease brightness and increase contrast
this is the result
 Then save your photo

click 'export' to save
This will appear..
export to where you want, and put in subfolder
So, this the result of your photo
this is the result
So, what do you think? Easy right. So you can try it.


Faz Abas said...

first time masuk blog ni, sb baru jumpa di KB tadi...

like your blog, most of the info I'm looking for is here. but I'm not a "lensa" person, just someone who like beautiful pics. and like to (try) use available tools in the net/ comp.

jemput singgah blog saya www.kisah-dan-kasih.blogspot.com. just a simple blog short stories.

iqbal said...

thank you for coming here..you can try explore all software...it good for knowledge..

koitetapkoi said...

TQ...SYUKRAN,,,, for knowledge..

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