Thursday, 20 October 2011

How to make header using photoshop(english version)

Header in to make it?
First of all, choose NEW at File. So your screen will appear something like this:
this setting to fixed your background
So, choose Web at preset, and change the background content to Transparent, if you want your background transparent. Then click Ok.
your background will appear like this
When, you have your background, you can start to make your header. For example, i choose all image below to make header.

All pictures that i choose, i crop, erase any unwanted thing and drag it to my background. You can duplicate the image you want, f it suitable with your header.
this a header that has finish edit
the header must be simple and not to crowded with image, so it can seen nice. When the header finish, we need to save it using 'png' format..
use 'png' format
click 'interlaced' to confirm your background transparent.
click 'interlaced', then ok
the result will show like this

Nice to try..Nice to share..


Razil Tahir said...

thanks! you help a lot...!!
I'm and adbe noob... huhuhuhu XD

iqbal said...

you can learn more if you try to explore it...

fatin adawiah said...

thanx kamu3!!!! hehe nges terharu dah nie =)

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