Saturday, 12 November 2011

How to Clean Scars at Face Using Adobe

Straight to the point. Using adobe Photoshop, portrait picture can be nice picture if we good in editing. So, what i want to share is about the way to remove pimples, scars or anything that you don't like at your picture. How??

First, choose your picture that you want to edit.

So, after you choose, select Healing Brush tool
healing tool is at the box slelected
Next, go to the layer, or picture that you want correcting, it will appear like this.

So, drag the circle at the smooth skin at the picture, the click "Alt+left mouse click" to select the skin.
 Then, go to scar picture, and "left mouse click" at the scar, this repeat this step at all scar that need remove.
Use the right "px" such  as 50px for this picture.

The result shown below.

You also can touch up more at your picture, with blusher or anything your. So, this is technology, that make your picture like hypocrite and not natural, but it nice to interact others.  


✿Ummi Myra✿ said...

xjadi r,,,da buat tapi tak dapat drag circle tuh.

iqbal said...

juz tekan 'alt+left mouse click'.pas 2 lepas kan dua2 2..kulit yang elok akan ikut ke mn2 je pada gmbar..pas 2, pas 2 click la pada gambar gambar yang kita nak...kalau susah gak, amik 'spot healing tool'...xyah drag pape, terus click pada bahagian yang nak heal..selamat mencuba

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